HCV Homeownership Program 

Under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership Program, low-income families can leverage federal housing assistance to purchase a home and build equity in their own property.

HPP CARES understands that achieving homeownership requires four essential elements: 1. **Bankable Program Participants**: Our HUD-certified counselors at HPP CARES know what it takes to review income, address credit challenges, and develop mortgage-ready participants. This process requires willingness, hard work, and determination—not something accomplished overnight, but through consistent effort and guidance.

2. **Affordable Units**: Not every property needs to be a million-dollar investment. Participants must understand that this program offers a valuable opportunity to achieve homeownership and build wealth. While we aim to set realistic expectations, we also present opportunities that may require relocation or purchasing a home that needs some work. 

 3. **Willing Lenders**: HPP CARES' Lending Service is committed to working with required financing options such as FHA, VA, and USDA loans. We collaborate with participants to ensure they secure the necessary financing for success. 

 4. **Agency and Partner Capacity**: The combined manpower and commitment from HPP CARES and the PHAs are crucial for a successful program. Together, we have the capacity to bring all these elements together and support participants in achieving their homeownership goals. 

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